Hello writing enthusiasts,

Every second Tuesday of the month we organise a Writer's Café.
The theme is going to be anounced.

We will write together based on two or three short (often funny) assignments, which we will also read to each other. These can, for example, be poetic or prose. Spontaneity, improvisation and conviviality are paramount. The idea is to stimulate creativity, so it is not important whether your texts are perfect. (You can of course adjust your own texts later at home, for example for your blog or collection of stories.)

Because we live in Nijmegen with so many different nationalities, we write in English, so that we can understand each other's texts. (But if all participants understand enough Dutch, we will do it in Dutch).

Date:    Every 2nd Tuesday
Time:    19:30 – 21:00h
Place:    Gezellig Nijmegen, Ganzenheuvel 56, Nijmegen
Level:    From beginners to advanced

Please register via our website so we know how many people are coming: http://www.schrijfcafenijmegen.nl/contact/

We'll see you soon!

Warm greetings from your workshop teacher Anne Marie de Haan


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